Our Team

Paul Trothier

Licensed Property Manager 

Paul is a retired US NAVY Chief (Submarines). When Paul retired, he had a need to help people and found many ways to do so, one of them being a firefighter.  After injury in the Firefighting field, but not done helping people, he created a home improvement company that focused on lawncare and home renovation. Meeting people in their homes and in need, Paul wanted to help people manage their homes while away or investing in other properties. 
Together with his wife Cyndi, with more than 30 years in real estate and a Licenses REALTOR for more than 19 years, they launched sister real estate companies. One to buy, sell, and invest, and the other to manage.
Deeply rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, together they came up with “TwentyFive14”, a reference to the Parable of the Talents as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel. Thus TwentyFive14, Property Management emerged with purpose: to show the love of Jesus Christ and to be good stewards of other peoples money. 





Emerson Prescott

Assistant Property Manager

Emerson is an Active Duty Navy Spouse.  She spent several years in Chick-Fil-A hospitality and truly reflects the “My Pleasure” attitude. Following Chick-Fil-A, Emerson and her husband were transferred to the West Coast of Washington State.  During her time in Washington State, Emerson worked diligently with her employer to start a Real Estate Owner Held Company from the ground up. Upon news of a growing family in the midst of a world pandemic,  Emerson and her husband made the hard decision to GeoBach.  While their family grew, despite the long distance, Emerson decided it was time to get back into the real estate field. Taking her knowledge from starting a real estate business, Emerson joined her family in the pursue of helping people. Her parents modeling the way, she followed in suit and is now helping hand in hand with both real estate companies. With a love for Jesus and treasuring family, Emerson is a vital key to TwentyFive14 and is more than excited to help you get started in investing, or finding your new home today!